Friday, February 25, 2011

First time i baked brioche while ago and i decided to bake it today one more time... very tasty and delicate, just great! for sick throat and when u don't have appetite.
I need to say that this recipe is from wonderful  blog.

When i am sick i can't stay in bed all day and do nothing cos then i am more sick then i am.
Paper cutting is one of those thing i like always do.. this time with flu made paper cut cards.

greetings card :)

Now cards waiting for send!


  1. these cards are stunning, how you make them? i'm not so able in this way :(

  2. i use a special small knife :) and cut it :)

  3. I love Liska's blog:) One of my favourites;)
    I hope you are feeling better now. You made beautiful cards:)
    have a good weekend!

  4. wycinanki - co za majstersztyk! podziwiam zdolności manualne

  5. @ dotblogg aww.. that is so cool she is wonderful and i use her blog as the best book in my kitchen :)

    @ Nina dziekuje slicznie :) pozdrawiam :)