Monday, May 2, 2011

w(m)ake up

elephant brooch that I got from my brother's wife, made ​​by our friend
you can order it by her e-mail:

My favorite nail polish is INGLOT is a Polish company that makes a growing career in the world.

Another cosmetic I use a pressed powder blush Collistar brand but in very natural color. 
Collistar Silk Effect Maxi Blusher has an ultra-fine texture that provides a sophisticated light and shade effect on the face. This blusher is much more than a regular blusher, it's an athereal powder which sculpts the face by creating seductive effects of lights and shade, and gently moisturises and protects the skin, thanks to its high content of hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

Another thing is pallet of E.FUNKHOUSER New York where i have eyeshadow, lip gloss & blushes.

eye shadows also from INGLOT which i really like cos they are very delicate even looks strong here
Those are AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow and they have big pallet of colors :)

I like also special in summer Avene Lip balm - Cold Cream.
And i use Artistry protect cream SPF 30 i bought in NY as also essentials oil with vitamins for my face the same company :)
I have two kind of fave mascara one is from E.FUNKHOUSER and the other one is HYPNOSE waterproof by LANCOME! the last one is a thing that i always need to have!!!

And that's my quick morning manicure for today :)


  1. I love inglot:)
    have a good day!

  2. Nice post! :) I follow you!