Sunday, August 21, 2011

FUR, feather...leather?

Well it's a big talk always about fur... hmm...  it's not easy to said it's good or not, 
for some will say that leather is fine cos we get it from animals we meat eat... ok... but don't forget some of us eat rabbits too... 

I think the problem is not what we wear but how the biggest companies get a furs for projects... 
how the animals were treat and i know it will not sounds good but how animals died ... 

There will be always people who will say they like furs and others who will say they don't like it. 

But one thing is for sure this autumn & winter season we should have fur and feathers!
And it doesn't matter if it's real or faux-fur.

Looking for Prada collection we should have: fur,feather and pops. 
For the Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 we should have also bright outerwear, golf socks, coats, girlish heels and maybe some of us... swimwear style caps?

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