Friday, March 1, 2013

Orgenize and clean up!!!

I have to say that plastic and many others stuff in the sea, oceans and beaches that is normal, cos many people is to lazy to clean. 
Every time when i spend my vacation in my secret place at the polish Baltic Sea i always back with a back pack full of plastic products or cans or even glass. 
As i read about it many times there are not only a birds who eats adrift plastic garbage but also fishes, seals and many others animals who lives in the water.
The worst thing is that they die suffering because of us. 
To realize how it looks like watch that movie.

And now if u wanna do sth check the SURFRIDER FUNDATION EUROP 
 and join to organize your clean up.
Check all information 


  1. i just seen this poster on your blog, and the next day, a friend of mine who is working in the surfrider foundation gave it to me! today they are going to stay in zurriola beach, in san sebastian, check it out! ;)

    Pacheco Nothing´s Shocking