Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MarshallsArt at this name hidden Shawn Marshall who is really great photographer from Canada. I have to say that he is a guy who not works as a photographer at his job but i think he should work on his own studio. And i hope he will.
People said if you will make things all the time you will be better and better. And i agree with it but not when we talk about artistic professions. To be good photographer it doesn't mean to have the best camera or make a lot of shots you need to have artistic soul and talent.
Shawn have that. Photography is his passion. You can see that at the wonderful pictures of a nature or just normal things around him. And i have to say that when i look at his collection of portraits i see how perfectly he can catch the moment, when model looks special.

He's working as photographer after his job so if your home is Canada and you would like to have amazing shots of you, your family, friends or just need great commercial or promoted shots you should contact him.

Look for more shots and details at his website MarshallsArt

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