Monday, May 3, 2010

I decided to promote two wonderful artist. About first one Shawn Marshall
was my previous post. Today i would like to present Roman Koenigshofer
known also as rawmeyn or Ramon Reyes.

Roman Koenigshofer from Austria but i think he is a guy from world,
you never know where is he at the moment because he traveling as much as he can
but not as much as he would like to.
He is also great photographer
but for me at first he is a guy with amazing skills of motion design and cinematography.

if you want to see more photos go here.

When i'm watching his movies i always said it's too short for me cos i could watched them more and more all the time. He can compose everything in one great project what is not easy for one person. I have to said that he is definitely a person who never stay in one place but all the time go ahead and don't want to be stucked in a rut. He want to evolve as a person, as an artist as a guy with passion. He is not a person who rest on one's laurels - and this is not very often in this day and age.

At the end i woudl like to say that Shawn and Roman(who is like my third brother)
both are wonderful people and i have big respect for them both.
They gave me a lot of inspiration not only to my own art but also in to my live - thank you guys.
I don't promote them here because i know them but because
they are amazing at the things they do :)

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