Sunday, September 12, 2010

1910 & today

I don't exactly how it started... me and fashion.
Fashion was around me... my mother was a teacher and she always had a great style.
When as 8years girl i back home from school... i open her press and try all close and her beautiful big hats... that was pretty cool... from big closet i took shoes and felt amazing.
My own fashion show never be very long cos i had to clean everything before Mum back.
Funny cos right now when i am talking with her about it she is laughing and she also can't understood why i was worry she won't let me do that.
But i think it was magical when i was alone with all those jewelery stuff, hats, shoes, handbags and her clothes.
I remember that me and my friends we always had our own style, i remember also i was sketching shoes :) crazy... still have them somewhere.
I never said loud that i like fashion but my close friends just know that and one of them gave me fashion magazine from 1910y.

vintage from almost 100years ago

He was working in France in old apartment and he found it under the floor. And send me that few years later.


Pretty awesome. I really love it! All those details sketches. Detail of dresses and also amazing details for mans. Pretty awesome. I will put here from time to time shots from over 100years ago.Today almost 100years ago we can see some cool fashion details which are in a fashion all the time :)


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