Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warm day, good music, spring salad for lunch just a perfect day

Inspired by the wonderful weather outside my window I decided to create a new illustrations.
I should mention that I do not like too much orange. Although I think that in conjunction with the gray looks great. 
Some time ago I received a wonderful gift book about colors and it is very helpful to me in moments when the colors do not themselves come to mind.
Today's palette of colors that I chose to dusk, twilight and sunset. The choice of colors is the basis on which they start work.

music LOVE - zmierzch, polcien i zachod slonca = twilight, penumbra and sunset

As you can see the new Marc Jacobs collection for Spring / Summer 2011 color orange is the color of the most common.

MJ mixing old extravaganza and modern look, reminding us that fashion is timeless.

Marc Jackobs inspired collection of bags year '70. The variety of patterns and wonderful color combinations. As for me, great for evening. As for me every day too little roomy. Impressed upon me the colors of the entire collection. 
The colors gave the impression of slightly soiled dark pastels. Although the collection of floral motifs added lightness.

I also had the opportunity to buy a bag in this season a fashionable color with the exception that bought my in a second hand store. It was totally new with with all kinds of tags. Made by Axel accessories.
 It's not big bag (hand minibag) and it cost me less then 5. And as i found the real price of tata bag was 64€.  Do you like it? I do! :) 

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  1. wow! what a tresure! I love the fact that the owners of second hands don't realize what are the real prices;)
    I simply adore your works!!great mix of watercolors and well...photography?:) they're beautiful!