Thursday, April 14, 2011

red soles

 Christian Louboutin

Back in early childhood, in the 70 years of little Christian was walking through the streets of Paris, and a plaque Museum of Art of Oceania attracted his attention, a plaque prohibited women from wearing shoes that could scratch the astonishing beauty of the floor. Since a long time impressed by the boy drew in my notebook are various models of shoes that could meet this criterion. Many of these sketches were later embodied in the real models in his collections.

The first store in Paris, Christian distinguished not only by the terms of loyal customers, but also a wonderful cup of coffee, always offer to the client’s.

Christian Louboutin shoes is perhaps the most recognizable in the world, thanks to the distinctive bright red soles. The idea to create a Christian Louboutin came after he once remarked that the shoe is full of enough energy. His eyes caught a girl with red nail polish Chanel. Genius designer immediately decided to make shoes special energy: Christian has created a model with outer soles red. Bet on red has been successful: a model enjoyed unprecedented success. Since then issued a noticeable gloss base, which so called «follow me», has become a characteristic and recognizable symbol of the brand.

Cristian Louboutin

Cristian Louboutin "peep-toes"


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