Saturday, April 9, 2011

What you can find in secondhand shop?

I can find a lot! I think i can say that i am addicted of it :) but secondhand shops in my city are different :) of course u can found there old vintage stuff but u can buy there also totally new stuff from old collections. From shoes, clothes, bags, handbags, books to jewelry, vases, porcelain and many others things :)
I found in that shops super nice and very awesome clothes not only for my self but to my brothers and their children.
Last week i bought for my brother great snowboard Burton Motorola Cargo Jacket
It looks like someone wear it once or never. Jacket is with all paper ticket but the only one defect is that there wasn't a battery so this is the only one thing we need to buy to this jacket :)
What was the price? :) well it was 45zl = 12 EUR not a lot huh?

1 comment:

  1. wow!you're lucky!I'm looking for such a jacket :) last year I bought completely new navy blue linen trousers by Tommy Hilfiger for 12zl (3 Euro?) :))
    have a nice day!!:)